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“I CHARGE Thee!”

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Last night, I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson in person!IMG_2219

Amazing lecture about the intersections and interactions of science and world events/thinking. Super cool ideas about introducing periodic table via historical context (which I’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t pieced together).

Afterward, he had a Q&A. I got up and asked him a question (although I figured mentioning my blog was kinda tacky and/or stalker-y, so that didn’t come up). My audio’s not very clear, but I asked him, “How can I keep my students interested past the explosions?”

I have been CHARGED!


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  1. Really good post. Don’t you wish you could capture the kids the way he captures an audience?
    Maybe give ’em a bland periodic table and start every lesson (or Mondays and Thursdays, or whatever) with a different element. They could record the element on the chart and on an attached sheet make a note about whatever stories you can tell them about it.
    My own teaching experience (English, not science) tells me that if you categorically refuse them permission to work ahead, a number of them will start doing exactly that, and they’ll try to hide it from you. Just a thought.
    I miss teaching.
    I do not miss the administrators or the parents (well there were a few really great parents, but you know…)

    • Thanks for your response.

      The blank periodic table thing is… kinda worksheet-y. Taking notes is fine, but I want them to get something out of it, not force them to believe something is interesting because teacher-says-so.

      This is where I need some help from an English teacher or a creative writing teacher: how do you encourage students to pick a topic, and then get super involved in it.


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