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Day 4: Bits and Pieces

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Day 4: Networking, Subbing, Food

This morning, I was invited by a teacher-friend (actually, mostly a friend who also happens to be a teacher… thanks!) to stop by her school to introduce myself as a sub in the district. Just being in a school again felt so good. This will be a good year.

I kept working on those letters of recommendation for colleagues. They’re far overdue, and nearly done… just one more time through.

And, I participated in an AACT webinar on the chemistry of cooking. If you know me at all, I love to bake, and yes, I do use chemistry to my advantage. I have dreams of making a 2nd year chemistry course on cooking, with Alton Brown, Harold McGee, Shirley Corriher, Joe Schwarcz, and Jeff Potter as resources. This course, although aimed at non-science-majors in college rather than high school, gave me some ideas of course structure (although I doubt I could swing getting world-famous chefs to come in on a weekly basis… maybe some local ones would be willing to lend a hand).


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