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Day 3: Licenses

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Day 3: Licensing, Certification

Yes, it took a large part of today.

I found out on Saturday that I passed my re-licensing process! Now, I get to pay the state more money to change my license to a higher level. Glad I can finally count clock-hours, rather than watch them drift by.

But I also have a license in another state, and that one is generally stronger. If my family ever has to move, I want this other license to stay active so that my third license will (hopefully) be of a higher level than the one I just finished for my current state.

Today, I spent chasing down clock-hours for the old state, verifying completion of the re-licensing process for my current state, calling agencies to check on whether license-stuff overlaps between the two states (it mostly doesn’t, but might if the other state says “yes” first… argh), and filling out forms for the renewals. Oh, and writing checks to the clock-hour verification system and both states.

I also registered for field-testing the new National Boards subject tests. But the website wouldn’t let me register for test dates in a coupla weeks. More phone calls tomorrow!


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