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I love reading about other peoples’ successes.

Sounds kinda weird, but I loved reading about the newest research, and not doing the research while in grad school for chemistry. I’m interested in the reflective-nature of 180 teaching blogs (named for the 180 days in a school year). I love reading about #TMC14 and all of the cool talks and techniques the math Tweeps got to try (as well as dinners and shenanigans).

So here’s my personal proposal for next year (a kind of new year’s resolution, I guess). I’m taking next year off from full-time teaching. However, I’ve signed up to substitute-teach in the local district. I’ll test out the waters here (and they can test me out), and I’ll have my foot in the door of a public district. When I’m not subbing (by coincidence or by choice), I’ll be working on one of a list of things I want to do for my professional life. AND, I intend on doing a 180-type-blog about what’s going on in my head. And because I need to hold myself accountable, I’m posting my intentions here.

Here’s a list of stuff I want to do:

  • SBG — re-write/organize chemistry curriculum
  • SBG — re-write/organize AP chem curriculum
  • SBG — re-write/organize general science curriculum
  • Learn/improve tech knowledge
    • Weebly
    • Canvas
    • gradebook/spreadsheet something for SBG
    • Google for teachers
    • Dropbox
    • Evernote
    • Doctopus
    • video/YouTube/Vine
    • Pear Deck
    • more?
  • More Doing Science With Your Kids
    • more entries
    • research/papers to support
    • start major promotion of site
  • Buff up resume
  • exercise, for the first time in ***years, when I took martial arts.
    • C25K
    • keep going

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