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The Unexpected: Vaccines

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Last week, a friend pointed me to a link. The Gates Foundation is having a social media summit with Bill Nye about their work with vaccines. So I filled out the application.

They accepted me!

What would you want to ask of Bill (Gates or Nye… or Melinda, for that matter) if you could go??


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  1. First of all, congrats!

    Not sure if this is an appropriate question for THEM, but is Bill Nye or Bill Gates convincing anyone on any issue or are they just preaching to the converted?

    Look at the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate, for example, you had a lot of people cheering on their side of the issue but how many creationists were saying “You know what, Bill Nye makes a good point about the fossil record, maybe the earth is older than 6,000 years.”

    And I get the feeling that the general public just doesn’t like Bill Gates because he’s a billionaire. I keep seeing this picture of Bill Gates pop up on social media, holding a Photoshopped sign that says “Share this and I’ll give you $1,000. It’s about time I shared my wealth.” Never mind the fact that he’s one of the most philanthropic billionaires around, but people don’t care to know that.

    These are the people that need to be convinced about the real science behind vaccines. Yet the Jenny McCarthy’s of the world with no credibility can instantly polarize them on an issue, where they may not have had a stance before, and just like in politics, they become entrenched in their chosen side, ignoring all arguments that contradict them.

    • Seattle is home-territory for Gates (and Nye), so the philanthropy is pretty visible here, along with lots of MS branding. Kinda cool that they’re such a big supporter for local stuff. However, I agree, there’s definitely less known about the Gateses contributions to global philanthropies.

      I’m trying to figure out what the GF is getting out of this day. I don’t know if it’s preaching to the choir or what, since everyone was vetted somehow (there was an application). Since I got in, I dunno what that standard/line is. But it’s also billed as a social media day, along with Bill Nye. Sounds like they want a bunch of publicity, which, for this cause, I’m not shy to give. Kinda ironic that our state has a large opt-out rate for vaccinations, though.

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