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What’s The Problem?: Fortune Fish

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Act 1: Observations and Hook
Have you seen these before?

The writing didn’t focus well. It reads:
Place Fish in palm of hand and its movements will indicate
Moving Head … Jealousy
Moving Tail … Indifference
Moving Head and Tail … In Love
Curling Sides … Fickle
Turns Over … False
Motionless … Dead One
Curls Up Entirely … Passionate

Act 2: Questions, Possibilities, Resources

  • What happened?
  • Why?
  • What’s the fish made of?
  • Does it have to be red?
  • What might make it curl versus merely move?
  • Here’s what happens when hands are rubbed together first:
  • Here’s what happens when the fish is placed on the forearm instead of the palm:
  • Here’s what happens when hand lotion is applied first:

Act 3: Resolution and Continuation

  • What might happen if a person iced their hand before holding the fish?
  • How would a person get a fortune of “dead one” or “passionate”?
  • Will it work if you dunk it in a fish tank?
  • Will it work if you put it on a heating pad?
  • Will it work on any part of your dog?
  • What other situations would the fish work?
  • If you stack two, will one or both or neither work?
  • So, what does the fish indicate?
  • Steve Spangler details how the fish works here.

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  1. I dig it. I like how the three act two videos offer extra information that can be used to modify or reject previous hypotheses.

    It seems like act three is the final link and all the other lines are sequel questions. But I don’t know this stuff.

    • Thanks for replying!

      Yeah, I’ve actually had a similar reaction to my own stuff, in that I’m not happy with the act threes. Mostly because these little labs I’m doing are pretty well-researched, I’d like to link to a reputable source for the ins-and-outs rather than leaving it as an exercise for the reader. But I’m not entirely sure, then, what to do with the 3rd act besides weird hypotheticals.


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