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The Battles (But Not Yet the War)

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It’s headlines like How Fox, Seth MacFarlane and Neil deGrasse Tyson Are Making Science Cool that show just how ingrained the idea is. Clearly, science =/= cool. Even worse is that the headline is from a major news/business organization.

It’s an uphill battle, for sure. I mean, that Forbes article compares science to broccoli and apples. Healthy food. The kind of stuff you’re supposed to eat, but aren’t supposed to want to eat. (I wonder what an organic or a GMO science show would look like… I wonder if there’s a correlation between healthy eaters and science-media consumption…)

And then.

And THEN you see headlines like To Clean Drinking Water, All You Need is a Stick and Giant Active 30,000 Year Old Virus Resurrected From Siberian Permafrost and Silk Screws Used to Repair Fractures, and I wonder how people are immune to the wonder that science has to offer. Part of me wants to avoid the word “science” so as to not scare anyone away; I’ll just mention “an article” I read or something I heard on the radio (note to self: may also want to avoid the words “study”, “math”, and “NPR” if I want person to keep listening).

But it’s the adults that we, as science-interested people, need to work on. Dr. Tyson says that kids are naturally curious and scientific, and adults have tuned out. He has a good reason to reboot Cosmos. I need to embrace the fact that the new Cosmos will be on a tv network that isn’t known for its science content. And it’s for that reason, that indescribable beauty and amazing scope of everything that Cosmos needs to be presented to that audience.

Hopefully, this is another battle in the war (although, not really a war; more like a friendly elbow-nudge… right? got it? good).


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