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Towards the end of the year, people get nostalgic for the previous 360+ days. I’m not usually one of those people, because it seems to me to be a forcing function to change something in the new year. I’d rather change when needed rather than save it for January.

Anyway, I feel a need to thank the MTBoS in a huge way. My professional career thanks you bigtime. As a science teacher (read: applied math), I know I don’t always fit in. But really, you’ve made me more excited about my job than I have been for a long time. I now probably spend a little too much time checking Twitter, a little too long thinking of blog posts, and a little too long attempting origami (to the detriment of lesson planning and a lot of what used to be down-time). I feel like I know some of you (or at least your online personalities), and I’m in awe of the amazing stuff you do.

It’s just so nice to feel professionally connected again.

So where’s the January resolution? Well, I want to continue blogging, but in a more focused way. As long as this pesky license renewal doesn’t get in the way, I’ll hopefully add some more What’s The Problem? entries and maybe more Talking Science With Kids too.

At least, that’s the plan. So say we all. Timey wimey. To infinity and beyond. And all that jazz.


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