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MTBoS Mission #5: Twitterpated

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Yeah, I just like that twitterpated is a real word. And it, sadly, doesn’t reflect my experience in the Twitter chat.

MTBoS Mission #5 was to attend and participate in a Twitter chat. I was super pumped to see #chemchat listed, but nobody showed up.

Instead, I went to #precalcchat. Definitely out of my normal range, but they asked about non-pre-calc-specific things:

  1. planning content vs concepts and official math practices
  2. emphasis of calc or manual manipulation
  3. unit flow, structure or elements

For the five other people involved in the chat, I hope it was helpful. I guess I was all geared up for some crazy-fast-paced-Twitter-awesomeness, but it went pretty slowly, and the people involved were mostly just sharing their responses to questions, rather than asking for advice or troubleshooting. They also seemed fairly traditional (besides the technology bent), and not interested in changing. While I’m all in favor of finding new information from veterans (especially stuff that is tried and true), this particular chat wasn’t terribly enlightening or helpful for me.

I’m not super excited to go back, but I want to have a better experience.


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  1. It’s so discouraging to hear that no one showed to the #chemchat. I wonder if it’s usually well-attended? I think once there’s a solid group involved, the twitter chats can be really helpful and interesting. It’s too bad that your first foray into the chats was so disappointing. Hopefully next time will be better.

    • Yeah, I was pretty bummed. I poked at #chemchat, and it seems like people only tag it every few days/weeks. Dunno if it’s really particularly active. I’m gonna try another that I know is active (like #ntchat or #msmathchat) just to see if the hype would get me going or not.

  2. I love that you linked to twitterpated, I would not have pegged the origin. As to the chat, too bad about the experiences – can you search on #chemchat to see the most recent set of tweets? Maybe tweet at someone else who used it? Could be the moderator had to take time off. I also find it interesting that more “traditional” people are using the chats, and I wonder if it varies from week to week. Thanks for the read!

  3. Sorry to hear about your disappointing #chemchat experience, but hope that when you try again you find more folks participating next time. Have to say….I’m super impressed that you persevered and gave the #precalcchat a try, especially since it wasn’t in your “normal range.” Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  4. Ok, don’t think I’m crazy, but you could find out who the moderator is of #chemChat and offer to help moderate. (I know, stress, but you could help make it what you want it to be!). Also, advertising is a big help to any chat. Once it is regularly moderated, you can blog and tweet out about the chat the day it’s happening, and many of your followers will show up. We just started most of the math subject chats this summer. Several of us publicize the #msMath chat on our blogs and on Twitter and it is usually packed and very fast moving. I learn so much and have about 15 tabs open by the end of the hour. Good luck and let me know if you need help with this as I helped start up some of the math subject chats.

    • Thanks!

      I’d love to try this at some point, but now isn’t a great time. It’s hard being in the PST and having chats at 6pm, when I’m just getting back from daycare and starting dinner. I wouldn’t be able to do it very consistently. Maybe next year.


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