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In Progress… frustrations

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I’m trying to find the time to do MTBoS mission #4, but these next two weeks are crazy. Quarter grades and comments are due, and next week, our school is moving to a new building. Packing an office is tricky and time-consuming, but it pales in comparison to packing the labs. The pseudo-words “time-sink,” “ewwwwgross,” “whatwasthisfor,” and “holycowwhatisthatthing” come to mind.

And now being on Twitter (@wwndtd), I see so many comments and quips, it’s really easy to feel like I’m doing nothing for students at this time. And I want to. And I want to do all the cool things that the other MTBoS people are doing.

I’ve also realized that I started following a lot of math teachers partially because they were enthusiastic and positive and actively wanted to improve their teaching and fed off of the positive energy of other math teachers… and partially because I couldn’t find many (any?) science teachers who kept a long-running blog. Those I did find either petered out after a while (or when the school year gets busy, I’m sure), or they seldom post about actually teaching science. Lessons aren’t shared very often (although lots of worksheets and other paper-based stuff are), and the camaraderie isn’t nearly as strong. And I am also absolutely guilty of this.

At any rate… I’ll be listening to podcasts this weekend between family-schedule-things to keep up with the MTBoS. It’s just gonna be nuts for the next two weeks.


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  1. Let me just say, I think you’re awesome for several reasons:
    1) You’re still working at keeping up despite changing BUILDINGS? Whoa. Dedication.
    2) You’re getting involved on the science side. I feel like math needs that voice. Seems you’re seeing things through pretty well too, blogging for over a year. Maybe you’ll spark more science going forwards.
    3) You’re very self aware. Made a number of reasonable points.
    4) Great blog name.

    Hope the two weeks have been going well for you, and some of the frustrations clear.

  2. Thank you, on all counts!

    We actually had even more stress. Just before we moved, a student died. So there was that.

    Today’s Day 1 in the new building.

    I’m actually a science teacher who does a little math, so the “science side” is really exploration of the “math side” for me. I’ve noticed that a lot of the MTBoS teachers I’m following are starting to do labs, so really, all’y’all are coming to my side!

    • What area/level of science do you teach at? I work on creating free (and interactive when I have time) resources hosted on, always looking for new ideas. Email or tweet at me (@nextlevelmaths),

      great blog by the by!

      • Thank you!

        I teach high school (grades 9-12, and occasionally 8 too), and mostly chemistry and physics, with a little general science or a lab-only course thrown in. And sometimes some algebra. Kinda everything.

        What kind of ideas are you looking for? (and now I’ll go tweet you, as requested.)

    • Boy. Couldn’t catch a break there at all, eh? As to the labs, now I know where to go for help if we start those at my school!


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