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Lunch Dates: Joe Hanson

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I totally apologize for the mostly-unflattering gif, but I really like his shirt. And it reminds me of this.

Wanna see some neat science? Some weird science? Videos? Pictures? Gifs? Links to science articles you didn’t know you wanted to read? Commentary on current science topics? You need It’s Okay To Be Smart!

Joe Hanson is the keeper of this awesome Tumblr feed of science. Oh, and he also has a YouTube channel through PBS. It’s basically popcorn for your nerd-brain: you just keep wanting and consuming more. I actually use this page as a back-up for student who think they aren’t interested in science. We just scroll through and look at the amazing stuff that’s going on.

What’s the big deal about another science blogger? Besides being in awe of fantastic science videos and gifs, Dr. Hanson can write in complete sentences… paragraphs, even! With jokes and puns and sarcasm! And he can laugh at himself, which I think is a sign of strength of character. Oh, and he seems to enjoy what he’s doing, and even to be pretty darn excited by it.

Things to ask during lunch:

  • Congrats on the recent PhD! What did you think you’d be doing with it?
  • Why did you start a Tumblr? a science Tumblr?
  • Where do you see the Tumblr going in the next few years?
  • Are there topics you want to explore, more than just re-posting cool stuff?
  • I know you have certain websites you visit all the time, but how do you find new sources of information?
  • You also have a book list, but what do you consider essential reading for a nerd? for a non-science person?
  • What do you see as your role in the greater internet?
  • Do you consider yourself an educator, or part of a virtual/digital museum?
  • What is a good amount of science knowledge for the non-science person?
  • Are there parts of science that you’re less interested in? more interested? (You seem to have a lot of astronomy-related stuff, as least, in my head.)
  • What’s the coolest thing about being a recognized internet-guy?
  • You’ve already met a bunch of other fascinating YouTube-rs. Who else do you want to meet?

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