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Clearing My Head With My Hands

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Being a science-person isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. People expect me to have answers to their vaguely science-y questions. In gatherings of artsy people, being the token science person is hard… kind of like a red-shirted Star Trek character: you know you’re on the fringe of the group, you’re definitely not quite fitting in, you have some sort of skill that the main group needs for a couple of minutes, but you won’t last very long as a person of interest. During college, I studied in Italy on an arts semester, which was the best part of my senior year. But, despite my art/science double major, I was the redshirted science person who had to explain why paintings fade over time and why acid rain affects particular statues more than others and why building the Florentine Duomo was hard.

It’s not all bad. I have lots of fantastic memories from Florence, and I highly recommend taking a term abroad if possible.

The thing is, I need some art stuff in my science stuff to keep my head clear. One of my hobbies is calligraphy. I just enjoy the patterns of piecing letters together with various brushstrokes and how letters can change depending on on pen angles. Serifs all the way, bay-bee!

But perhaps there’s something else going on. Cursive seems to help create more complex brain connections than mere curly scribbling or typing.


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