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Lunch Dates: Smarter Every Day

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Mix together a bit of firearms, some strange (yet, more or less) everyday happenstances and situations, and some slow-motion video, and you might get Destin from Smarter Every Day. Okay, he’s not entirely about firearms, but there’s a lot of things that my colleagues would categorize as “things to attract boys” (like guns, explosions, helicopters, and spiders). Destin’s channel is also not entirely slow-mo, but a lot of the videos I use for class happen to be.

Oh, and add in there the enthusiasm and a constant smirk. Kinda a smile, but really, mostly a smirk. Probably because he seems genuinely fascinated by whatever he’s filming (emphasized by the Psalm 111:2 he posts at the end of his videos). This guy loves what he does. I wonder if he was the nerd in the classroom, or the closet-nerd (I’m leaning toward the latter).

I think I first found Destin while looking for something to help teach about rotational inertia. Like why cats always land on their feet:

I’m equally delighted by his off-channel, Funner Every Day… random videos that aren’t necessarily science-related. This video of his daughter folding Vi Hart hexaflexagons is fantastic!

Things to ask during lunch:

  • Do your kids go to public or private school now? Why?
  • What has the internet brought you?
  • How do you think of new ideas?
  • How do you contact people for trying new stuff?
  • What does your “normal” job help you do on your videos?
  • How did you get into videos, anyway? and slow-motion stuff?
  • How do research some of the science involved in your videos?
  • What should random internet-people take from your videos?
  • What do you want to explore next? Anything you want to do but can’t?
  • What do you think of Gever Tulley and Mythbusters, especially in terms of education?
  • What makes a good teacher, anyway?
  • I know you’re doing this for your kids’ college funds (which is all kinds of awesome). What do you hope they can get from your videos?
  • What do you hope they do with their college experiences?

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