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Lunch Dates: CGP Grey

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Starting with “Hello, Internet”, CGP Grey has produced a whole bunch of quick and informative videos on topics ranging from animal misconceptions to electing a new pope to the non-planet-ness of Pluto (one of my current favorites for physics classes). This makes his YouTube channel hard to classify (oh darn!), but that much more interesting to the general user (as opposed to a dedicated science or history blog, for example).

Despite the stick-figure-with-glasses persona, there’s a bit more to him than black digital lines. An American living in London, Colin Grey has degrees in physics, sociology, and science education… just my kind of guy.

With a fast-moving pace and equally-fast wit (tossing in a little sarcasm and irreverence), Grey keeps his viewers moving along some good questions. His conversational style keeps my students (and me) enthralled in his topic of choice.

I appreciate that Grey actually researches (and/or lets other people research) his topics and even cites his references at the end of his videos. It makes my little teacher-nerd heart go all wibbly. Hooray for quality over quantity, and with citations!

A lot of questions I’d like to ask him were actually asked in his recent video,
Q&A With Grey for 500,000 Subscribers, however, here are some other things I’d like to think I’d ask during lunch:

  • Why did you start making videos?
  • With your education degree, did you ever teach in a UK classroom? (if yes, what did you teach?)
  • Are you hiding your face for a reason? a giant facial scar or a secret bloggy rant opportunity?
  • I know there’s a store for CGP Grey merchandise, but what else did you (do you) want to get out of the videos?
  • How are the American and UK educational systems similar? different? (in good ways and bad and indifferent)
  • Why would you like to see computer programming instead of foreign language? some programmers argue programming IS a foreign language.
  • What kinds of researching skills do students need today?
  • What sciences should students take in secondary education? to what degree?
  • Should secondary education be compulsory?
  • What do you think about cursive coming back into elementary-level curricula?
  • What’s a good way of evaluating whether your videos do a good job of conveying their intended purpose?

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