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I’m a regular reader of PostSecret, the online display of postcards with secrets from anonymous senders.

This week has this postcard (in case the postcard disappears, it reads, “all the jokes are true… I’m becoming a teacher because I know I wouldn’t make it in the real world.”).

How sad. This person doesn’t realize just how much of the “real world” they’re going to see as a teacher, not by running away from the corporate world.

At least, if they’re doing teaching right.

Dr. Tyson also believes that melancholy teachers are part of the problem in education today. Having a terrible teacher in the classroom is not only the most boring thing for the students, but also limits students interest in the subject for longer than just the school year.

In America, we are starting to take public education for granted. So many people in the world have to sneak or fight or pay to get basic education, and here, school is something to be fought against. Teaching is not a respected profession; indeed, it’s hardly considered a profession in many circles.

Taylor Mali, a teacher-turned-slam-poet, has an amazing video called, What Teachers Make.